Art & Interior Design Service

You want a new and special home? 


Our Art & Interior Designer can make your house/business look good and pleasing both aesthetically and functionally. Get a Free and Friendly consulting today.


Our interior designers can take care of your big or small projects. We show how your room or whole home can look like with inspiring collages and 3D presentations.


Why do we offer this? Art & Interior comes hand in hand. 

That's why I work with some of the most talented interior designers who are educated to make your entire home or office unique.

It's everything from art, walls, furniture and lights in every room. And much more.

All homes are unique. It's your home or office too.

So contact us at if you are interested in a full make-over where we look at both art and the rest of the decor.

Then one of my interior designers will reach out to you and tell you a little bit about how we can help you. Look into your needs and show you our creative ideas.


First talk is free of charge and we will tell you more about prices on call after we know your needs. The process is 100% online.


How it works:

1) Get a talk with us (free)

2) We design your space

3) From ideas to your New Home


If we proceed after first talk, you send all materials you have about your room(s) floor plans, photos etc and in the end we will make and send 3D drawings, recommendations and much more so you.


We can even help you buy everything for you so it is simple for you as possible.

Best regards,

Jacob and the rest of the Art & Interior Design Team.

Contact us at: